Night with Capital N #part1

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Where only should I start..

I promised to give a detailed description of this big moment of mine and even though it took me longer than I wanted to, I keep my promise.

11. 11. 2016 has been written to the imaginary ‘list of big nights’ inside of my head and that will never change. As I wrote in this post a while ago I had a celebration event called ‘Stužkovací večírek’ with my classmates and teachers where I was officially appointed to the Senior. You get a ribbon pinned to your dress or suit which you can later wear on your bag or jacket as well to let everybody know that it’s YOU who leads the world now, haha! There will actually be another occasion even more important during the Senior Year and that’s why I wrote ‘part 1’ so stay tuned! But more about that in spring 🙂

It always depends on the students how the “party” will be going on. You have to take care of the place, food, entertainment, ribbons by yourself..everything has to be planned in advance. And I have to take the biggest bow to my friends who managed everything perfectly. It was much better than I could have ever expected. It was classy, elegant, just perfect till the last smallest detail. Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart!

So when the night came we put on the dress, heels, suits and went to a very beautiful restaurant with just as pretty name – Colosseum.

2016-11-26 12.40.01 1.jpg

Long table was laid, with many gleaming glasses on it and the atmosphere? Magical. The guests were slowly but surely coming and when everybody finally gathered the ceremony could begin. Proposing a toast, dinner – everything was great. I really enjoyed the programm consisting of a presentation with our ‘before/after’ photos and a little quiz as well. But after all of that the main point we all have been waiting for got  to his turn. There are three parts you have to go through – go down on your knees and your headteacher appoints you with a fake sword and than you say the magical sentence – “Homo maturaturus sum” from Latin, then another teacher of yours pinn the ribbon to your dress and lastly you have to drink from a colletctive vase filled with champagne. When all the sudents are appointed the headteacher breaks the vase in a sheet and everyone takes a shard for good luck.

It was really a night to remember and even though it is a first step to saying goodbye, to the tradtional students life which I was living for more than a decade, I know that all these memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Hope I desribed the whole system at least a little bit but if you have any questions about how it works in the Czech Republic, feel free to ask I’ll be more than happy to answer!

And here are a couple of photos from the night. Thanks to the lightning the quality is not so good but I think it can give you the idea 🙂

Have the most beautiful day or night!

with love

x Kristýna

Dress –  Tezenis  //  golden Choker –  Claire’s  

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2016-11-25 11.44.51 1.jpg

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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