Thinking over night with a touch of StyleM



Good mooorning world! 

Ok, I guess 1 a.m. is not morning yet but I think it will be morning until I finish this post so it doesn’t  matter, haha!

 Do you know that feeling when you just can’t sleep and have this temptation to work even when you should be in a Dreamland already? Yup, that’s my case at the moment. And I don’t really mind it.



The only problem is that the pictures for this post are not willing to upload so it seems like I have to leave it for the morning anyway. Technology struggle.

This is another shoot from prague streets. How beautiful they are? All the houses and surroundings. Magic. What I love about this city is that you can always find something new. New street, new corner, new building- in many different styles. It surprises you 24/7.

While having little pause for lunch during the crazy schedule we had back on our school trip, I persuaded my girls to find some spot and take a few pics (that wouldn’t be me, haha!). They weren’t really happy as they look forward to having at least a few minutes to just relax and do nothing but eat, but they were so nice and did it for me anyway. Thank you, loves!

The weather was sunny (thank God) but it was quite cold outside so that was finally time for a complete look of my new autumn jacket, yay! I wore it without the fur till that time and couldn’t wait to put it on because I firmly believe that it makes the whole outfit more interesting. What do you think?

Btw. do you also see that cup? My new favourite colour for autumn season!



And the last thing I would love to emphasize is this Mohito bag. That might be another story of mine.

At the end of summer and beginning of school I was trying to fing a bag which I could wear to school. I had had a rucksack till then and felt like it needs a change. I was looking for something elegant yet sporty and most importantly something big. I couldn’t really find anything.

A couple of days later I came home and saw this beauty in our hall. ‘What is that?’ I asked my mum and found out she bought it yesterday afternoon but is not satisfied. And so you can imagine how it ended up. I was in love immediately so I bought it from my mum and found the most perfect ( and also spacious) bag in the entire town! Oh destiny, how do you do it.

Hope you are enjoying you Sunday well,

next time Fashion Lovers

x Kristýna

Jeans- Zara  // Jacket- Mohito  // Cap- Stradivarius  // Bag- Mohito  


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