Minimal Black Dress rushin’ in da City

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Another dream of mine ticked off. Living FairyTale.

Good morning Fashion Lovers! (or afternoon or night)

On Friday I got back from my 3-day visit in Prague and I’m filled with an excitement again. Oh how I love that city! I have never thought that this place will own a part of my heart but it happened. I guess it’s because every single time I was there it was even better than great. Prague, you definitely don’t see me for the last time! 

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Part of a plan for the night that day we arrived was a visit to National Theater. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague and having a chance to see a play there is just a dream. When I was young, like I mean little little girl, I always believed that it is only for the chosen ones to get inside. Even now when I know it’s a non-sense I was thrilled and couldn’t believe the fact I was entering the massive door. Another dream of mine ticked off. Living FairyTale.

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Processed with VSCO

So you can imagine that the first thing covered while I was packing my suitcase was outfit for that night. Trust me, you didn’t want to see that mess all around. Hurricane happened overthere! At the end after long decisions and many pictures to my friends asking for an advice, I have chosen this minimal black dress from Top Shop. It was a great alternative for autumn weather beacuse lets be honest- it was freakin’ cold! haha. So I guess that bare legs was not the best idea of mine, but hey! who cares I was on my way to this beautiful theater and felt like a princess.

Hope you enjoyed

have a beautiful beautiful Sun-yay!

see you next time

x Kristýna

Dress- TOP SHOP  // Sandals- Deichmann  // Bag- Anna Smith  

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