Current Statement: Laced FairyTale 


What more can I say? This dress=MAGIC! Thank God for the last warm day here in Czech Republic because this was the best way how to celebrate it.

Hello hello everyone! How are you all enjoying the first days of autumn?  It was raining in my hometown for the past 3 days so as long as me-being-wet-24/7 will be on my daily basis, I guess my mood is about to go a little bit down. But anyway, I have to admit I’m a big fan of this cozy atmosphere so when it’s pouring outside and I’m at home I can really enjoy it.

But now let’s appreceate this white lacey fairytale ’cause I am ready to wax about it all night long. haha! I got this dress two years ago from Peek&Cloppenburg which is a shop where you can buy luxury clothes from all diffrerent brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bugatti, Calvin Klein etc. This dress is from the brand called Glamorous. I got another summer on e from them which you can see here on my instagram (@stylemotivations). On this day we were actually about to go to a big celebration party as our high school was celebrating 25 year anniversary. But it wouldn’t be me without stopping for a second and taking a quick snap. Thank ya my girls!

I bought it because of my dancing lessons two years ago. I don’t know if it’s a tradition if your country as well, but in my country during the second year of high school you attend dance classes with your school mates with a professional trainer. It’s a very big and fancy occasion for all the students. Especially for girls. You learn how to dance standard and latin american dances and you are for the first time in a quite intimite relationship with a strange boy who has to behave as a gentleman.

I love about this dress that it’s not in a normal bright white colour. It’s more like a creamy one which gives the whole model more natural look. The lace in the front and on the back is a nice detail. The whole outfit is minimalistic yet fancy with little sparkling touch. Simply my no. 1 choice always and forever.

I know that I wear this Anna Smith bag all the time but I just can’t help it. And my Deichmann heels also belongs to those ones I will love forever. This jacket tho is a new fall piece to my closet from Mohito and I guarantee you that you’ll see it very often too. What can I say? When I like it I simply wear it, haha!

Have a wonderful first autumn days and enjoy the cozy atmosphere as much as possible,

see you next time!

x Kristýna

P.S. Short hair don’t care! I got my hair cut the day before so I am really happy I can feel myself again. Who would ever said that this hair style will be so close to my heart one day…?

Dress- Glamorous UK  // Sandals- Deichmann  // Jacket- Mohito Fashion  // Bag- Anna Smith

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