Autumn, Autumn here you are!

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Today it’s official, hello Autumn! Get ready for nude tones, warm colours and cozy atmosphere.

I really like the feeling of Autumn coming. Despite the rain and gloomy weather, somehow it makes you feel excited and happy so you just cannot wait to put your comfy puffy sweater on and relax with a cup of tea, looking out of the window.

2016-09-21 09.20.59 1.jpg

But I have to admit that if it comes to fall season wardrobe- I’m dying. Unfortunately not in a good way. Shopping for autumn= very upset, rude and anxcious me, haha! I don’t know why but it is so difficult for me to find a good piece for this time of the year. Summer? Love and want to buy everything. Fall? No idea what to choose. Lets say my wardrobe is not fully ready yet, but I am working on it. It just needs more time.

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Fun fact no.1: This outfit was taken in summer. Yup, why don’t we take a fall pic in summer, right? It was the time when I arrived in Luhačovice and it was also the last cold day before the hottest week striked at the end of summer time. I have to say the summer was bit weird this year. But I am really excited about this season! And eevn more about  my fave festival coming soon – Halloween!

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Processed with VSCO

Typical bag and shoes, my comfy sweatshirt and new Zara jeans. What I really like is the scarf detail. Blue colour is one of my favourites and the fact it fits w/ backround is a bonus. I found it day before, at my grandparent’s place and tried it on immediately. Scarf trend was very popular at the end of summer but now I feel like it a little bit slowed down. Still, it makes the whole outfit more interesting. Basic look with a good deail.

Hope you liked this little inspiration of mine 🙂

Oh and, please, let me know how you feel about the battle fall vs. summer wardrobe, am I the only one crazy here? haha!

Have a great first autumn day and see you next time!

x Kristýna

Sweatshirt – Gate  //  Jeans – Zara  //  Shoes – Deichmann  //  Bag – Anna Smith // Rings – H&M 

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