2 Ways How To Make A Homemade Ice Lolly



When we, me & my girlfriends, were planning our trip to mountains,  one of the first things on our ‘to-do list’ was food. I know, I know, sounds a little bit weird, I admit. You should be looking forward to spending the best time of your life with each other, right?! And believe me, we did. Because apart from doing all the crazy stuff and enjoying the moment with each other, we. love. food. That’s just the reality. And even more we love cooking and trying new receipts together. Because it is so much fun! I am serious. If you have ever tried, you know what I’m talking about. And if not? Get you girl or boy and let’s cook some crazy meal! 🙂

Sooo. The question was: What are we gonna try? My idea no.1 was a sweet pizza because it’s a trend of the past year and I haven’t tried yet. But at the end it didn’t work out (but I will try it one day anyway! pinkie promise to myself). Míša came with the idea to bake chocolate cookies with milk & white chocolate in the inside and then we also agreed on homemade ice lolly. Yes! I always wanted to try this out as well. Not as much as the sweet pizza but the ice lolly was right behind.

First of all I would like to apologize for not having pictures in a good quality. I pretty much captured it exactly the way it was while we were doing all the kitchen magic so I hope you will get an idea a little bit. It was not planned for a post at first. But then I thought that some of you might be interested or you may want to try out as well, so I’ll do my best to describe it as good as I can 🙂


White Yoghurt & Almonds, Nuts, dried Strawberries, Blueberries + Honey Ice Lolly

2016-08-18 10.15.13 1.jpg

Basicly the steps are same for both kinds and it’s nothing difficult to do but I will write it here anyway, in case that some of you have never done it before like me and you want to try.

First of all you need a special mould. That’s a base. Of course that you can freeze all the ingredience in a bowl or something. But that will never taste as a real ice lolly with all the details.

2016-08-19 03.48.06 1.jpg

Take a mould and wash it at first so you make sure it’s clean. When you dry it, you can start. Pour a white yoghurt on the bottom of the mould. Then put there the ingredince the way you want. But not all of them. Leave something for later. Some blueberries, almonds, nuts, a few strawberries, a little bit of honey. Then pour the white yoghurt again. But not to the top! You still want to add some ingredience. Blueberries, strawberries, nuts almonds, honey- you can put there whatever you like. Than pour the yoghurt again, this time to the top.Just a little tip for you: take a stick or small spoon and everytime when you put the  ingredience there just press it to the bottom a little bit so you’ll make sure there are no empty spaces and everything will stick together 🙂 Cover it with a top and your lollies are ready to go to a freezer.

And another tip of mine:   if you didn’t buy nuts, dried strawberries and almonds or any other dried ingrediences then you can use müsli/granola which you have at home and pick it from there as we did, haha!


Sprite & Gummy Bears Ice Lolly

2016-08-18 10.16.20 1.jpg

The second ice lolly made from Sprite and gummy bears is even easier to make. And in my opinion even better. Steps are the same as for the yoghurt one. You pour a little bit of Sprite to the bottom, add gummy bears, pour the Sprite to the top and cover. Freezer here we come! + don’t forget to press it to the bottom a little bit as in the previous case so it sticks together as well 🙂


So these are my two ways how to make a homemade ice lolly. You can use whatever you want to. It’s a perfect summer snack! For a summer party with friends the best one if you ask me.

If I should choose which one is better I pick the Sprite one. It’s definitely the less healthy one but I simply liked that one more. But it depends on everyone himself.

I hope you enjoyed these two little tips of mine & my girls and let me know what you think! And if you have your personal way how to make a homemade ice lolly and you want to share let me know, I will be more than happy to try something new 🙂

See you next summer Ice Lollies!

have a great and happy Friday

x Kristýna





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