Time for ‘Girls Only’

2016-08-09 02.26.57 1.jpg

I believe that my girls are going to kill me for this but I just can’t help it- I love this photo!

We took about five of these pics but only in this one they can be seen at least a little bit. There is my advice for you, lesson learned no.1: don’t take #selfies while there is sunset going on and the sun is shining bright right into your face. haha! Because if you do this is exactly what will happen. Half faces will be seen and nothing else. So forgive me, in the first place, but this photo reminds me of so many memories that it has a huge value for me even half-faced. But at the end of the day, it’s the little not totally perfect thing which makes me happier and even more grateful.

So let me share with you another story.


We (me, Marky & Míša) got the opportunity to spend together a few days at Míša’s (on the right) grandparents place. They live in the mountains and it’s pretty close to the area where my grandparents live so I was really excited because I love it there. We couldn’t wait because it was like a girly vacation. You know, three girls by themselves and nothing can stop them! We were supposed  to be four of us but unfortunately at the end it wasn’t possible 😦  We also cooked and managed almost everything by ourselves and that’s why I loved it even more, it was so much fun! We laughed so hard and did so many stupid crazy things which, again, only friends can experience together. Well, I guess we have memories just enough, haha!

First day was quite peaceful. Míša showed us the surroundings and the house. You know, just the typical kind of day when you arrive somewhere new- an introduction part. But the walk tho, wonderful! We took her dog out and went strolling through the area. That was really nice.

Processed with VSCO

This gentleman was our date for all the four days. And a guide as well, especially during this stroll. Where Beny went, we went. Or more specifically, ran.  haha!

The first day the weather was really nice. Unfortunately it was the only one (well the following day was nice too but in the evening it started raining) so I am really happy we managed a lot during the first one. Including long laying on the ground and watching stars, my fave activity. Look, there is one fallin’! Make a wish 🙂

The next day we made a trip to the mountains. And this was the view. Beautiful beauutiful nature everywhere around us. Time to take a couple of deep breaths, 1…2…3… Yes, I love it here.

The third day it was raining all day long. No, it was not raining it was pouring. So we decided to have a proper lazy day, well spent in pyjamas, playing games, watching movies and baking. Cookies, here we come! Oh, and I also can’t forget about my braided hair which Míša created for me. Thank ya!

I am trying to gain as much strength as possible because this new school year which is waiting for us is about to be really tough and full of decisions and other ‘adult things’ so that’s why I was also grateful for this trip. Exactly what we needed. And I am pretty sure that my girls would agree 🙂

So another amazing trip was made and I cannot be grateful enough. So many memories captured in even more pictures. I believe my girls will thank me one day that I was annoying them with taking pics of every single little thing that happened during all four days. Because these are the most beautiful memories 🙂 Thank you my loves, once again!

I hope you enjoyed this little story of mine and if you liked it you might also fancy my previous story with another adventures w/ my other friend here.

Thank you for stopping by

and see you next time!

x Kristýna

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