Denim on Denim #Funfair

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This event where all these photos were taken is very important time of the year for all the local people there. It’s a small village where my grandparents live and as I said for a million times, it’s also my the most favourite place- ever. That’s the truth.

The funfair takes place annually on the same place and locals wait for it with excitement the entire year. They save the money for carusels and some typical sweets. I usually visit my grandma & grandpa during that time as it happens to be a tradition. This time I came with my friend because we wanted to celebrate our Name Day there.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

But this post is written for my ‘Funfair Look’ which I wore there.

I love the most about this outfit that it’s all denim. Literally “Denim on Denim”. I never liked this kind of style when you have only one colour, or only one material for the whole look but I have realized after this time- I really do like it!

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Let’s talk about this top.  I. am. in. love. It’s from Pull&Bear and I admire it for its simplicity. What got my attention when I was in the shop is the special detial on the back and the lacing. It’s free, you have bare back and the little bow is the only thing which holds the whole top. And the fact that there was a big reduction, that’s just a bonus, haha!

And then there are my very favourite ‘mother-daughter’ shorts  which I have also talked about for toooo many times. In case you missed it, the whole story is here 🙂

I hope you have the most beautiful and relaxing SUN-day,

see you next time!

x Kristýna

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Top- Pull&Bear //  Shorts- by Me  // Bag- Takko Fashion  // Sunglasses- H&M


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