Dancin’ with the Dancing House #PragueTbt

IMG_6997 - kopie

Happy 1st August guys!

I mean, this really is crazy. When I realized yesterday that it was the last day of July, I was like ‘What?!’ No no no, this can’t be truth. Summer holidays started like yesterday and I am NOT ready to go back to that place called “school” again. Where does the time go?! Ok. I guess I should’t overreact so much, there is one month left. But still. Can we, please, just stop the time for a minute?- Thank you.

Anyway. Today I have prepared for you an outfit post w/ photos which were taken a while ago. Specific information- one month and a half in Prague. I really loved the scenery of Prague so when I got the chance to go there I was more than excited because that meant I also got the chance to snap some pictures for blog. Yaay!

So here it finally is. I hope  you’ll enjoy! 🙂

Many beautiful places & thousands of magical spots behind almost every corner. Honestly, here you just leave your house and almost every wall is fotogenic. But we have chosen a few of the most beautiful ones. Well those which were close to the area where we had to be + we had time for.

Here are two of them:

National Theater

Look how cute this little dog is! Hope you doesn’t mind being here, buddy!


Czech National Theatre –  crowds appeare everywhere.

IMG_6821 - kopie



The Dancing House


Place no.2 – Dancing House.


IMG_6997 - kopie




Have a lovely 1st August and make the most of this month!

x Kristýna

Off-the-shoulder top- Primark //  Trousers- Zara //   Jacket- H&M //  Bag- Anna Smith //  Heels/Sandals- Deichmann


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