All black everything.



It is officially summer. Yaaaay! For many people around the world summer already started a couple of weeks earlier, while I was still studying hard, boiling my brain more than enytime before. But now, as it’s the first week of big summer holidays, I can finally throw everything behind. For a few weeks, at least. Not even mentioning what big decision is waiting for me to be made, just behind the corner, but about it sometime later.

I start my holidays at my grandparent’s place, which is btw. my the most favourite place in the whole world. There is simple rule – no stress, no worries. One of many reasons why I love it here so much. As you might already saw I  decided to do a little ‘brain-off’ type of thing and try to say goodbye to an online world for a little while.It is refreshing, I must say. But it can’t be forever. So I am back at the game!



But now lets talk about this outfit. Let me introduce you my ‘goodbye-school-for-very-long-time’ look which I wore for my last school day. I decided to go all black. You can never do wrong with black colour. But I guess  it’s the global wisdom which we all know. Doesn’t need to be reminded.




I bought this dress in Tezenis. I love it because of its simplicity. It looks like sporty one and could be well worn with white sneakers if you like it more casual. But still the lace coming across the entire back gives the whole look  touch of elegance. The front is very very simple but the back has its own secret. Fave bag from Anna Smith, heels Deichmann.




What I also admire are short cut sleeves. It’s not so typical  neither for evening dress nor summer dress. Comfortable basic look which only confirms the motto ‘the simpler, the better’.

Oh and what do you think? This dress with heels or sneakers? Let me know!

Have a lovely summer Monday!

x Kristýna

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