When in the Bigger City #Prague



Oh yes, touch of a bigger city can definitely be felt. I guess it is more than truth that surroundins does everything. I tried it myself.

Touch of a bigger city can definitely be felt.

A few days ago I made a very quick, yet beautiful trip to Prague – capital city of my  homeland, Czech Republic. You might think ‘not such a big deal’ but, believe me, it is. Let me make it clear for you. I spent 24/7 being at school or studying at home, doing nothing but sitting behind the table and trying till midnight or more to get as much as possible into my head. I know it’s normal because, well I’m a student, right? But what should all understand, or at least teachers, is  that even the students have their borders of energy and that the meaning of ‘tired’ describes  the situation very lightly. In summary, It has been a lot on my back. So don’t be suprised that when there was any opportunity for me to just pack my stuff and run away from the daily problems, I was all in. Even if that was only for 2 days.

I couldn’t wait to be back since my last visit in summer, one year ago. Prague is a magic and being there all by yourself? Heaven. We had a lot of things to do. And because my dear friends were traveling w/ me, it was no suprise I wanted to manage as much as possible. As always. Haha! Well, believe me or not we did it. Even though there was a programm where we had to be present because of school duties, we still managed to do everything we wanted.

You can see it as a few advices from me to you incase you will ever have a plan to visit Prague. Here are some tips, hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

1.)  walkin’ by the River Vltava


What can be more relaxing?

Seriously.  I just want to buy little snack for lunch and sit down on the ground for a second and enjoy the view. Honestly, if I live there, I would be by the river always and forever!

2.) Old Town Square stroll  *Staroměstské náměstí*



If you say crowded, it is more than a truth. Every single time when I went there,  billions of tons of people followed. If you don’t like crowds- not place for you. I personally really like it because you can meet there very interesting people and that’s the main thing I love about Prague. Ok, now I feel like I should remind you that this kind of emotions appears only if you come from smaller town, as I do. I can imagine very well how excited you become and then when you arrive, there is nothing more but dissapointment because according to Kristýna it is much bigger adventure than it seems to be now. So if you are from a huge country and huge city and this is your everyday life – excuse my excessive small-town excitement. 

3.) Exploring the invisible

This is my favourite part so far. The best thing to do while being in a new place is to “expore the invisible”. All you have to do is to take any side street or square or whichever part of the city and try to find your own places with your own memories.Something what nobody else might have not seen before. Sometimes you need to go deeper. To find something different, mysterious or even more beautiful.

4.) Late evenings and the Macaroons

One quick change of an outfit – comfy one for long night – and we were ready to go. Our steps led to Wenceslas Square/Václavské náměstí. Another very important place. If you were not in Wenceslas Square during your visit – you were not actually in Prague. It is a must. Oh and yes! The reason why I’m talking about it. See that pretty box and the macaroons? Yep, that’s our catch from PAUL bakery. Mmmm…Strawberry, Vanilla and Pistachio. Yum!

5.) Night Pictures of dreamy Prague

Night picture of Prague was my ‘must have’. I refused to leave without walking accross Charles’s Bridge and having a nice picture of Prague Castle shining in darkness. And I have it! It was the most beautiful moment. It was about 10 or 11 p.m. and there were still so many people! And that view! All these lights reflecting in the water.. It couldn’t be more romantic. Well, I had my girls there. Right ladies? 😀

6.) Heaven called Hamleys

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Ok. Now we are talking about heaven with capital H. Paradise on Earth for sure. Hamleys is in Prague very new and I can’t be happier as I was able to see the beauty myself. I know that Hamleys in London looks like a little luxury palace but this one is beautiful as well, right? But when you come inside! Magic! It seems to me like I woke up in a Harry Potter movie where everything lives, flies and works itself. All the colours and beautiful stuff which I would love to buy for my little sister. All of it! And can you see these teddy bears?! Dreams really do come true here, even if it’s a little too late. But who cares, right? Haha. Such a pity that my sister is not here right now. But don’t worry sweetie, I’ll be back soon and you’ll come with me for sure!

7.) Hello, dear Angelato.


I heard that Angelato ice-cream is the best one in Prague. I haven’t tried all ice-creams in the city but I tried Angelato and believe me, it really is paradise. So many different flavours, some of them very untypical. Love. Love. LOVE!

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post. All I wanted to do was to share with you guys my experience, give you some tips, which you might find useful and show you little piece of my homeland as well. These tips are bit different but sometimes it’s not always only about sightseeing. Just walking and  enjoying the local life is also part of a trip. See you next time!

Have the most relaxing summer Friday!

x Kristýna


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