Violet and Snowdrops in my view



Oh yes, these are definitely my the most favourite goodies for this year’s season. 

Light violet for my nails, gold for my wrist and tender fragrance for my nose – all this means → 100% happy me! That’s a very simple eguation.

I, personally, love this light violet colour during spring and not only spring but summer too. And it looks even more elegant with gold jewellery as a sprinkle on a sundae.

This photo was taken  a few months ago, but I wanted to share it with you, as I just found it, and remembered what a magical atmosphere was spread all around me during that time! It was only a few weeks since the beginning of the spring and I’m sure you can imagine  how beautiful and fresh everything seems to be. Just a pure purity.  So bright your eyes hurt because of that beauty.

I was at my grandmother’s – the most favourite place of mine on the entire planet – enjoying the surroundings, trying to gain as much energy as possible. Suddenly I saw these white beauties in front of me and  my childhood immediately jumped on my mind.

“Granny? What are those flowers?”  a baby me asks. “This, my sweetheart, is a sign that Spring is about to start.” 

What are your fave thing for this season? Let me know! 🙂

Have a beautiful dreamy Thursday!

x Kristýna


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