Braids are the One.



 World loves them. World adores them. World wears them.

Hello everybody!

I’m sure you have noticed, there is little ‘braid madness’ going on in fashion world. Everybody loves them. Everybody wears them. And that is a topic I would like to talk about with you today. So grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and lets have a little friday chat.

Fashion is always coming back to the past but always add some kind of new vibe, which is very difficult to describe. You just feel and see, that the pair of jeans is old, yet new. It is very fascinating to watch it from the backround. The funny thing is that usually it’s something you would never wear a few years ago and now you do whatever you can to have one piece in your closet!

And now I’m getting to the main point, why I actually started writing this post.

A few weeks ago there was one of many normal super busy school days going on. Actually it was just beginning of the day. I was chatting w/ my friend, as usual, and another friend of mine arrived. (Ok, stop babble!) The thing is, that she was wearing these Dutch Braids. I absolutely adore them, so I was amazed immediately and even more after I found out she made them herself! I know it’s not a big deal but for me it is. I can barely do the normal ones. Yep, that’s the humiliating truth. Anyway, she has longer hair than I do and as I have quite short hair these days I didn’t even bother to ask her if she would be sooo nice and make for me my own too. You can imagine how HAPPY I was when she told me it’s possible with my hair too! You don’t understand. With normal shorter hair it would probably be a normal thing to do but my hair are huge exception. Just imagine baby hair. And then imagine the baby hair 5 times softer.  Fine, I might little overstate but still it is almost truth, because I deal my whole life with the question “What the hell am I gonna do with this hair?!” I know. It ain’t fun.

I was super excited when she finished! Going home with big smile on my face, proudly wearing my Dutch Braids, determined to wear them at least another week ot better – NEVER. TAKE. OFF.

Have a lovely lovely Weekend guys and make sure to let me know, if you are as crazy about this braid trend as I am!

Happy Friday

x Kristýna







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