Blue sky, Blue shirt.



Happy Week-end world!!!

Oh yes, my friends, weekend is here again. Thank God! Nothing feels better than the Friday Night when you know that there are no duties for you to do BUT having fun and simply relax. Seriously, every friday when I come back from school, I look pretty much like: Me, my bed, food and a good movie in 5 minutes please!

But as the sun is finally up, it is less tempting for me to jump into my beloved bed and sleep for another day – or two. So me and my friends, we go for a little walk, appreciating a fab day!

And to support the crystal clear blue beauty above us, called sky, I wear my H&M checked blue shirt and fave Zara jeans. Please sky don’t stop dazzle!

Enjoy your well-deserved week-free time

and have a beautiful, blue sky, Saturday!

x Kristýna







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