the simpler, the better









The simpler, the better.

Hello guys and happy Thursday!

We are in the middle of the week so keep it positive ’cause there are only three days left between us & weekend. And that’s a good news right?!

A few past weeks I lived and dressed by the rule “The simpler, the better.” Or the less, the better, if you want to. I have also realised the white colour became a great friend of mine! I wear it more than ever. But that’s okay I guess. Because there is another rule saying: “White is new black.” Well it’s not like a rule but for me it definitely works in these days. The sun is shining, finally (!), and today is the day where my school is becoming to be dead for me for another at least four days because, heey, spring is here and so Easter, and even though I hate Easter (because of our czech tradition-czech girls will know what I’m talking about), God bless you easter festival! Only because of U I have 5 free days ahead!

So walking home after school, me & my dear friend, we sat down for a little while, just to take a breath and relax a little bit. Because let’s be honest. We DO deserve it after all the long days and nights locked in our home behind the table, studying as f… Ehm. You know.. as students should be studying. haha!

And because I wanted to share with you this moment of happiness and feelin’ free we took some pics as a proof.

I am wearing my slim Zara jeans with the WHITE Zara turtleneck pullover. It’s my favourite. It’s really comfortable for school days. And comfortable in school. – Yes, please. Comfortable, casual and trendy in school at the same time? – Oh hell yeah! And my usual black boots. As a sprikle on a sundae I’m wearing my new gold watch. Great final detail. Gold & White, that’s my thing now.

Hope you all are having great fashionable Thursday!

x Kristýna









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