Lets be inspired

                       Inspiration. A word which is gonna be very popular in this article. And not only in this one.

Inspiration is what life is about. We love to be inspired, we want to be inspired and most of the time we get inspired without even knowing it. Because everythig what we are surrounded with does have some kind of impact on our lives.


Before I started this blog I had almost no idea how does this online world work. Well, of course that I’m not an expert after three month of using it, I’m still in the very beginning, learning every other minute, but what I’m trying to say is, that none of this would happen without the outer influences which I want to tell you about.

I have picked 3 top bloggers I love and admire and which are certainly my biggest inspiration ever! You probably know them but if not, welcome to the world of best from the best.

  1. Bo Mulder - Seaofbeesnyc.com
  2. Kristina Bazan - Kayture.com
  3. Erika Fox - Retro-flame.com

There are definitely much more of the great blogger all around the world but these are the ones who are the most inspiring for me.

Have an inspired Thursday!

x Kristýna


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