My top Break-Fast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s the rule.

But not everybody wants or is able to keep it. I can say with a clear conscience and “with a hand on my heart” that I definitely belong to those who are happy to just wake up ten minutes before they should actually leave the house and be on their way. So my breakfast looks most of the time like some piece of food I grab while I’m brushing my hair and doing my make-up at the same time, putting on my coat to leave in a sec.  But who doesn’t? It is just too difficult to get up from that cozy, warm and super comfortable friend of ours – bed.


It is just too difficult to get up from that cozy, warm and super comfortable friend of ours – bed.

Sorry, I got a little bit carried away with my emotions. Let’s get to the point.

I mean that it is natural (unhealthy but natural) that we just can’t handle everything. But if we do have some time we should take the time and pamper ourselves.

When there is weekend or holidays so we have a few days off, there is one absolutely the most favourite breakfast of mine which I love since I was a very little kid. My grandma has showed me this little magic and since that.. for me a top start of the day ever!

Now you are probably expecting what kind of miracle I will impress you with but trust me, it’s not that special. Well, for me it is because it remains me of many memories from my childhood but generally it’s very simple. It is a porridge/oatmeal.


What is magical about this dish is that it is good for all kinds of people. The base is very simple. It’s oat flakes with milk, boiled for a few minutes. And then it is up to you. Do you like fruit and more healthy ingredients? Cool, let’s put it there! Or are you more like a chocolate person as me? No problem! You can use whatever you want. The whole preparation takes less than 10 minutes.

But I also like (no, I love them!) mornings like this:




Hot cup of tea, good book, some fruit and a bed. What more can I ask for?

And what about you? What’s your favourite breakfast?

Have a cozy Sunday!

x Kristýna





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