Furry Chic


Well, this was a little bit crazier than we expected.

It is really funny how happy I look (or I was trying to look) in these pictures but the truth is a bit different.


Our plan was to take some new pics, even though I assumed that My Fave Winter Look will be the only look for winter season, because I’ve realized it’s not as easy as I thought, especially in this kind of super cold weather. But sometimes things change in a second.

But sometimes things change in a second.

When you want to take some good pics in a sunny starting-being-spring weather but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to give you that luxury. It was raining. Well, not when I was inside. The weather looked pretty good from my cozy home. But the moment I made a move from my house it started raining. Great. (haha, thank you Mother Nature)

Let’s just say that

 if you want it, you have to go and get it

as Tyrese Gibson says. No matter what the conditions are. So I did it with a danger of getting a big cold (again).

But the very truth is that it was not as bad as it seems to be. Despite all the weather thing we had so much fun doing it. Big thanks to my very patient friend who helped me to make this our little adventure happen! Love ya!

So here is what we created, I hope you’ll enjoy.

 ↓ ↓ ↓










Have a chic Thursday!

x Kristýna

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