Roses &… Roses.





 Roses and roses. And roses. The choice that everybody would pick. You don’t know what to buy for a woman? Rose is your solution.

It is really strange how internationally  used these flowers are. In such a huge quantity! I have to confess myself  that I also fell in this kind. But who wouldn’t, right? There is something deeply mysterious about them and we can only guess what is their real story. They truly are  Queens in the Flower Kingdom.

I admire them as much as every single flower on our planet Earth, but still. We should not forget the other ones! I think tulips are more suitable for me.

But what more can I say than the fact that roses are (with no doubt)  eternal. So it’s more than obvious that I could not resist to take some pics with my favourite one -white- of that kind.






Have a rose-y Sunday!

x Kristýna

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