LOVE is in the air

Today is the day when love is spread all around us in such an amount that you can literally feel it.

Because today it’s  ST. VALENTINE’S DAY!


When I woke up today and checked my instagram I immediately realized that this day is about to be very sweet. I am serious. There was absolutely no post which would  contain anything but red, pink, hearts and lettering “love”. I was like, “Woow, I really  can’t handle this.” I mean, don’t blame me but when you are member of the “team singles” (again) it belongs to the ritual, right?

Anyway. After this little “I hate Valentine” thing I have actually realized something very important.

No matter if you are single or in a relationship, there is still some love hidden for you out there. There is your family. Your friends. Maybe even your pet!

this little beauty is my Valentine

There is always  somebody you can share love with. You are not alone. That is  important to know. And still don’t forget, you can never know what will your Mr. Valentine look like the next year.

Soooo, Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you. And make sure you’ll share some love today!



x Kristýna




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