All About The Last Night

There is nothing better than a night out with your friends. I think we all agree. But I found out yesterday that there is something even better than “just” going out with friends…. It is going out with friends to the THEATRE!


I’m writing it because yesterday night I really was with friends in theatre (wow, YDS!) and I have to admit that it was amazing. The magical atmosphere was spread all around us. Everyone wearing beautiful dress, heels, jewellery…you feel like a princess every single time you’re there.

Magic, magic here you are.

I know that many people are judging this kind of kulture because they find it boring. Well, I admit that the whole play itself is not for everybody, BUT don’t tell me that when you arrive on that place and come in there is no feeling inside of you and you’re like “Oh God, please let it be over already.” right the moment you entre the door. Someone hide the fact they actually like it. But I still don’t believe them.

I wanted to share with you some special magical moments from that day so i hope you enjoyed 🙂




Night full of Lights


Theatre look is all about Ms. Black Elegance and lace 


Have a magical Weekend!

x Kristýna


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