WINTER Sunset Madness

Hello my friends!

Time goes faster and faster. I mean it. Because I’ve realized just a short time ago that it’s been a month and couple of days since I got started this little pleasure of mine. A month! Would you believe that?

And as a tiny celebration I’ve decided to set up another category which is gonna be, lets say, regular.

It’s called SUNSET MADNESS! 


I am a sunset Lover with huuge capital L. In my opinion there is some kind of magic going on up there and nobody is able to find out what exactly is that magic. Oh, sure we can make some physical formula and believe that science is gonna figure out, but Sometimes even science is too little. Because here is going on something very very different. Great mysterious magic. Very powerful.

You can convince yourself right here.



Mother Storm is coming…


my little private Northern Lights


“the things we lost in fire…” 


Sheep in the sky, softly floating home to get ready for sleep…



5 extra
And this is, according to me, what hope might look like…


Have a shiny Wednesday!

x Kristýna



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