Hello, helloo!

Our second Monday lesson is here! 

Today I’ve chosen another quote which is very special and I have to say it gives peace into my heart evertime I see it. It’s called:



I wanted to do my own pic again for this article but then I’ve found this one in Quote Tags App and to be honest this one is so perfect that I really doubt I would be able to make anything better. But now, let’s get to the point!

It’s very usual sentence saying “Only the sky is your limit.” It should mean that there are no borders for you. That you are capable of anything. For the first sight it really looks very freeing. Only the sky is my limit!  Or at least I see it this way. But then I found the other one referencing to the Universe. For me, personally, it means much more than the first one because since I was a little kid I had, and still have, very thight relationship to stars, space and simply everything connected with this great myterious beauty which is above us and many people see it as a sure thing, though it’s not. Night sky is something what gives me strenght.

Anyway, I’ve chosen this quote because I wanted to encourage you to, everytime you’ll just thing about something as a thing you can’t achieve because it’s too hard or too big, remember this sentence and realize that you are capable of ANYTHING! Because the truth is that there are no limits! An obstacle during the journey, maybe, but that’s only temporary. Because what would the life be about if we get everything so easily?!

Like Tyrese Gibson said: “If you want it, go and get it!” It’s that simple.


Have a happy and motivated Monday!

x Kristýna




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