Spring during Winter time

Well, I have to change my annoucement I made a few days ago.

There is snow in Czech Republic at the moment. Actually the snow had appeared just a few hours ago since I took pics for MY FAVE WINTER LOOK article. Sod’s Law, what more can I say?

Anyway. This cold time of the year is beautiful without a doubt, but let’s admit that we all sometimes catch ourselves thinking about a bit warmer weather. Spring? Maybe even Summer..?


So why don’t we bring a spring vibe to our home? Buy yourself a flower or you might buy all bunch of flowers to make your day! Trust me it will conjure a smile on your face everytime you see it.



I have my own spring vibe in my room too and it really works so make sure you’ll also have your own one for better mood. 🙂

and macarons as a very stylish detail and also a beautiful, so-called, “sprinkle on the sundae” is a great supplememt for your flower beauty


Have a happy spring vibe Sunday!

x Kristýna



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