Turning 18.

Today is for me the day almost every teenager is waiting for.

It’s my 18th B-day! I still just don’t understand how could it happen that I’m already 18..what?! But it’s not a secret that time goes fast.

It’s weird to know that my childhood is behind me. I know, many people say that you can be kid as long as you want to and you can’t change through the night and immediatly become an adult, but still. You can be a child for the rest of your life inside, thats true. But you will never have that age for being a kid again.

But I have the most amazing friends ever who prepared  a surprise for me in my school before I arrived there ( it’s a tradition that if one girl has a birthday the other ones prepare for her great surprise in her school locker).

And that was not the only thing waiting for me. When I came home my mum and little sister were waiting for me too. Well, this day was simply WONDERFUL!

Cupcake B-day cake…what more could I wish for?

And just to be even happier, today the snow decided to fall so I felt like in a fairytale :3



I hope you are all having a great day!

x already adult Kristýna




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