My fave winter look

Hello, hello!

Even though Christmas is more than over, winter is still with us. So as frost. Like you can see there is know snow in Czech Republic at the moment, unfortunately. What about your country? If not, I was thinking that despite no snow we can make a little winter session. Here is my favourite winter outfit.




It’s nothing special, quite a normal look on daily basis. But it’s also very cozy and I simply love it!



But what I love THE MOST about it is my beloved scarf which I got for Christmas. It’s a trend which came from autumn to winter and I absolutely fell in love with it! My scarf is more like a blanket so it really keeps you warm.


So that’s it. My winter look inspiration. I hope you enjoyed 🙂 I would also like to thank my beloved friend Marky who helped me with all these photos. Without her non of this would be possible.

Have a great great day!

x Kristýna

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