Instagram recalling #1

Ahoj všichni! – Like we would say in my country.

I prepared a little unexpected post for you, which I have thought up just a few minutes ago.

I chose four photos from my Stylemotivation instagram (@stylemotivations) and my personal account, which have in some way a special meaning for me and also are taken at the end of 2015. I am going to show you and give you an explanation. Hope you’ll enjoy! 🙂

1.   IMG_20151229_184735

This one is very important. It was taken a few days after Christmas when I visited my Grandparents. It shows a beautiful countryside and also my the most favourite place ever! I call it my “Anti-stressful zone” and trust me that it really is antistressful. I’m pretty sure I will talk about this place very often.


This picture was taken on 5th December, on the day when Czech people are celebrating Mikuláše (St. Nikolas Day) and kids are waiting until St. Nikolas with a devil and an angel bring them some sweets. My family was also waiting, so we went out watch beautifully decorated houses (to give St. Nikolas some space). This is my favourite moment because I love that atmospfere outside durig this time of the year. Spending precious moments with our beloved ones.


Ok. Well this photo comes truly from the end with big E. It was taken on 31st December, actually just a few minutes before a new year started. I wanted to capture that moment when I’m full of hope of a new beginning, thinking about what is waiting for me out there. 2016, I’M WAITING! 


And this is the very last pic I wanted to show you (credit: Quotetags). It has nothing to do with the end of the year, yet with the beginning. I posted this picture to remind myself, and not only myself , to never forget to dream. Because dreaming is what keeps us alive. Dreaming is what we need to just be.

Have a beautiful and dreamy Monday!

x Kristýna




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