2016, here we GO!



Bye bye 2015, hello 2016! Yes, that’s right. Another year is here. How is it possible that the time goes so fast? I still remember very clear when 2014 was turning 2015 and I was promising myself that this time it’s gonna be different. And now it’s over and I’m at exactly the same point again, just one year later. Funny.

But I really  like New Year’s Eve. It gives you new hope of a new beginning. It is very exciting when you think about what all is waiting for you out there. I personally like when it’s New Year’s Eve, I am  surrounded by my beloved ones and only a few minutes are left till another chapter of my life begins. It is an amazing feeling because you know that you are leaving your old life behind and something new is coming. Like a well-known sentence says: “New year, new life.”

I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016! Let your dreams live and make sure this year is gonna be the best one!  🙂

Make your wish for 2016.

x Kristýna

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